Friday, October 12, 2007

Do you think bald men are sexy?

When one mentions bald, whom do you think of? Handsome, sexy, Hollywood celebrities or ugly, short, annoying politicians? I know there are many politicians who made me very disgusted with their views and they so happened to be bald. So, mention bald, I will think of them.

I wish to send them information on provillus and tell them to treat their baldness. But frankly, it is not the baldness that irks me but rather, their brains. Sorry that I need to rant about bald politicians because this product which is suppose to help hairloss sets me off.

If you are experiencing a bald patch as well, check out what others said about those treatment out there. There is nothing like getting it from the horses mouths. They have a comparison over there.


Tina Silva said...

When I think of bald men, two names come to mind -- Vin Diesel and Montel Williams. I would get with them anyday!! *faints from all their hotness* said...

Tina - LOL, don't you just wish to run your fingers over the shiny spot?