Wednesday, October 10, 2007

It is back to the skatepark!

My sons have all completed their exams today and once again, we can hit the skatepark again. I used to hang around when they skate. I think I am going to bring my laptop there today so that I can finish my work while watching over them. It must be nice to be sitting there, listening to the birds chirping because the skatepark in located next to a little forest.

Talking about skating, my son is lucky that he has sponsors from a few companies who sent him skateboards to test out. Right now, we have so many skateboards at home and he is thinking of giving them away to his friends and he told me he is going to coach a few girls to skate!

If you think he has enough of skateboards, then, you are wrong. He is bugging me to get something even more advance. Skateboards come in all kind of prices and quality and now, he wants something like the Pumgo Skate Board. He told me to start skating as well.

Oh no, I am not going to risk my poor old bones. Not even if I have all the protective gears because I am so clumsy. Talking about protective gears, do check out the Skateboarding equipment section on this shopping site and make sure your children are well protected. My kids have injured themselves many times so I am very paranoid about them.

The link I provided have some of the best shopping sites price comparisons. Take a look.

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