Friday, October 05, 2007

Frustrated and want more website traffic?

I thought that I know everything there is to know about building website traffic and skills on search engine optimization. I read and follow all the probloggers' advices plus read all the free SEO books. Yet, time and again, the tips don't see to work.

I only get a little organic traffic to this site and they are mostly concentrate on things not related to my site. Can you believe that this site has good traffic for men's balls? Doh, why would I want that kind of traffic?

How nice if I can ask the guys here at thinkbigsites dot com on how to get more website traffic. I read all the tips they provided on their site and though I do know how to manage some of them, I don't think I could ever achieve any drastic increase in traffic.

They are the experts in helping people get more website traffic and I am sure they have a lot of tricks hidden up their sleeves. So, if you are running a business website, you definitely want to hook up with people like them to help you boost and catapult your website traffic.

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