Friday, October 05, 2007

Heave Ho

We will be picking up my son from the hospital soon. Yesterday, he was in pain and had to be wheel in a wheelchair. Lucky that he didn't injure his leg but just his wrist. Otherwise, I am going to need a bouncer to handle him because he is taller than me and heavier too.

Stairlift is what he probably needs if he had injured his leg. Anyway, thank God he is fine. Otherwise, I cannot imagine dealing with him like driving him to school, helping him up the stairs to his class and a lot of other things.

Sometimes, we musn't take our good health for granted. We do not know how frail we are until we are in trouble. This is especially true for those elderly folks who live in multi-storey homes. I was looking at the various stairlifts available for this purpose and hope that I can be strong and healthy until my old age. Otherwise, it will be fun to zoom up and down my house with those stairlifts, eh?

Anyway, I hope the doctor lets my son come back today.

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