Saturday, October 27, 2007

I am sick :( and needs a holiday again

My hubby has taken the two younger kids to the beach. He asked if I want to come along to get some fresh air and sunshine. I told him "No way! Are you out of your mind? I am sick, you know?"

I just got back from a week's holiday and got sunburnt with an ugly mark on the back of my neck because I forgot to apply sun protection for myself as my kids were fidgeting to go to the beach. I applied for them and forget about myself.

So, I am so not going to anymore hot, sunny places for a long time. Maybe I should head to where the cold weather is like Manchester and stay in some cosy Manchester Hotels. I heard the place is breathtaking during fall.

While I am there, maybe I should also make a visit to where the excitement is. I shall go to London. Accommodation in London is expensive but if we know where to find, we may get some cheap deals. London Accommodation varies from the expensive five-star modern hotel to small inns. I love staying in tiny inns because they have the special ambiance that makes me feel like living at home.

Meantime, I shall crank the aircond colder, go snuggle in bed and dream of going to the UK.

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