Monday, October 29, 2007

Want to go to Hawaii again?

I am an armchair traveller. When I don't have the money to fly to the destinations of my dream, I will settle for glossy magazines, travel sites and travel blogs like this
Kauai Travel Blog. Then there are the TV documentaries and travel shows. All that only made me want to go to Hawaii even more.

When you see the azure blue sea, white sandy beaches and swaying palm trees, you also want to go and stay at those Kauai vacation rentals. They offer all kinds of lodgings like a tiny hut for two to a larger place which is ideal for families. I am sure my teens will love to try out surfing in Hawaii.

What to Do in Kauai? There are so many activities like surfing, scuba diving, hiking and of course, lazing on the beach and do thing else.

Enjoy looking through the wealth of information on the links provided and hope it gets you into the mood for a holiday too.

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