Monday, October 01, 2007

I made it!

It is divine intervention that on Saturday, I got several big money opps. After making some calculations, I realised I can hit the USD5K mark.

But being a weekend, it means a lot of commitment on my part. Shopping lah, makan-ing lah, lepak-ing lah and churchy stuffs.

So, I thought of forgetting about it. But it is too tempting not to make a last minute dash. And I tried. Just 30 mins before midnight, September 30th I got it. USD5004.

I couldn't reveal this in my personal blog or make money blog as it is not fair to the few big money opps.

So, here's my little celebration.

I had to make myself a big jar of Ribena for the sugar high as I have no time to eat. Anyway, I was stressed enough after cooking dinner, washing butt, bath my kid, give him all the hugs he need.

Plus lots of loud music to drown out all the noises as I need to make two 400 words opps on a topic I am not familiar with. I had to study and research, read and re-read.

But at the end of it, I broke into tears because it is like running a marathon race. A race that no one cares, no one cheers except my competitive nature. I made it. Through sheer hard work. That's what make me proud because it is not some bluff job but through sheer hard work, brain cells and the sleepless nights.


Little Raymond said...

Who say no one cares? I'm sure lots of people do care leh.

Congrats! =D

Cassandra L said...

Do hang in there. Many people look up to you, I am sure.