Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Need to get your parent Senior Life Insurance?

My friend, Ron told me that he was getting an insurance for his father who was very old then. I asked him if he is out of his mind as that old man is already in his 60s. Ron explained to me that it was more to cover for his medical insurance and also partly because the family may need those money for other expenses.

So, I asked him how he convinced his father to get it. He said he told his dad that he needs to achieve target and hence, he bought the Senior Life insurance for him. Of course, Ron is that insurance guy who must achieves all the targets in his life.

Well, do you know that getting insurance for older folks are not as far fetched as what I thought? You can even get no medical exam life insurance if you know where to search.

However, I doubt the traditional parents will want to hear about it because many of them still consider it a taboo. What about you? Are you going to tell your parents reason like Ron did? Do you think your parent will whack your head?

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