Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Why you should think of getting a Russian wife

Let me tell you the reasons;

1) The Russian girls are damn pretty. Think of those agile, slim, gorgeous troops from the circus? Those gymnast girls?

2) You are not likely to get mother-in-law dropping by unannounced.

3) You do not need to bring the wife back to visit her mom that often.

4) They are much more docile than the loud mouth local women who wants their way only.

5) They are great cooks, or that's what I heard.

6) They are sexy!

7) They adore you because you are their reason they are here in the US of A.

8) They won't have ex-boyfriends around because they are so far from home.

9) They are all waiting for you at this website with Russian women looking for marriage.

10) They are intelligent, smart and educated and yet, will let you have your ego.

So, do I need to say more? You can check out the link provided and find yourself a pretty lass.

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