Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The rain spoils our plans for a beach holiday

We had wanted to go to the nearby duty free holiday destination. Being in the island means cheap booze, chocolate to make me diabetic and most of all, lazy on the beach. But it has been raining for weeks. It doesn't help that the papers reported about the ferry tragedy from another island. So, we have to cancel the plan now.

Instead, I can only console myself with an imaginary holiday by the beach in Hawaii. I imagine renting a Hawaii beach house that overlooks the sea. Each morning, I will be greeted by the sunrise. Each evening, at dusk, I can sit at my balcony on the other side of the house and watch the sunset, sipping Pina Colada.

Reading Hawaii Travel Blog does tend to make your mind roam and your imagination runs wild. The place is so beautiful, you just wish you can be there right now, at this minute. If you have the freedom, why not? Just go to Kauai Travel Info and get all the information you need to travel to Hawaii.

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