Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Reading between the lines

I was just whining to a friend how I am absolutely sick of people reading in between the lines and make conclusions of things I don't say. It is damn tiring when you have a blog that you update constantly and just because of that, people think that every alphabets you wrote reflect the real self.

He told me that morons who have no life of their own usually do that. They live my life for me. But what can I do? It is my blog, I say what I want. Sometimes, those are not real, but just baits. And he said, "What do you want lah? You fish for fish, you get garbage sometimes, stop complaining!" Bah, men. That's why I like to talk to them. Because they give it direct. A female fan probably fans my fire. But a man will just pour a big bucket of ice water and that's it. End of problem.

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