Monday, October 15, 2007

Sniff, I am sick again. Any colloidal silver for me?

I didn't mention on my other blog that I have been sick for a few days already. The worst thing is I am not entirely sick to warrant bed rests and getting pampered by hubby. I am still fit enough to clean my kid's butts and do other chores. Yet, I am not totally 100% fit and couldn't sing, have runny nose and feel tired all the time.

I tried to make myself as relaxed as possible, taking naps when I can afford to. However, with so many places to run around, I still have to drag myself to go out under the hot sun and then, the sudden rain.

I heard that colloidal silver will fight the flu and had read about how effective it is on some of the folks. However, I have never got myself a bottle yet. Have you tried colloidal silver before?

Will it helps to fight flu like what they say? I am desperate enough to try anything so that I do not have to go through these sucky feelings almost every month.

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