Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Scrubs & Beyond - Colors

I often associate hospitals and especially operating theaters with sombre looking gray, blue and green suits. All the surgeons and medical staffs normally wear this color which lends a sense of eeriness to the already cold and distant environment.

Even Gray Anatomy or Chicago Hope have the same kind of 'boring-ness'. Well, that is until recently when they introduce more colors to the scrubs worn by the medical staffs. If you want a better a idea, take a look at Katherine Heigl Scrubs website. The colors are now so adorable. Peaches color brings warmth and makes the nurses so much more prettier, right?

Medical Scrubs that come in interesting colors are available exclusively by Katherine Heigl's new line. Nursing Scrubs that doesn't spell unfriendly but rather, cheerful and happy are ONLY sold by them. So, check out the site now.

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