Friday, October 05, 2007

Stress stress stress

I woke up late today. After all the routines of feeding and washing and etc to make sure the kids are ok, I sat down to start working.

Then, the phone rang and out of the house I go. I am the crazy woman who took along a bedsheet and a towel. My other son asked me, "Ma? Are you mad or what?"

I told him if his brother got an accident, it probably means a lot of blood. I am not going to mess the car with that.

Thank God, he was fine with no bleeding at all! Otherwise, I think I will drive with my eyes closed all the way to the hospital.

When I told hubby about it, he said, "The car seat is made of leather so it is much easier to wipe off than your bedsheet, doh!"

But I told him, "My friend hor, said one can never wash off stains like that from a car. So, with the bedsheet, I can just throw them away."

Again, thank God, we do not have to test out whose theory is right. Of course, mine is.

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