Thursday, November 08, 2007

Always save for the rainy days

I am not sure if others agree that it is prudent to save some money for rainy days. However, a lot of people don't do that and when they are caught in a sticky financial situation, they normally sank.

One of my friend got into deep depression because of this. She normally likes to buy branded goods and the latest fashion. Recently, her mom needed money for her cancer treatment and she being the eldest, had to bear the medical bills.

She confided to me she may need Payday Loans soon if this goes on. Talking about payday loans, I wish to share this link for UK residents. can helps you get quick cash. It is a small short-term loan that can range from £80 up to £750. You get your money real fast, electronically.

Well, remember to save for rainy days and hope no one gets into the situation like my friend.


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