Thursday, November 29, 2007

Help! I am getting lazy

Previously, it is no day-no night, whole day write.
Now, it is if you don't chase me and if the deadline is not two hours away,
I won't be bothered.

I am getting lazier and lazier. It is from one eating session to another. From one mall to another. Beach to beach and hills to forests.

All because of my husband lah. He everyday drags me to enjoy life, said if don't enjoy now, later I am going to be the driver, cook, errand runner and everything roll into one when he is not around. So, I also die-die drop everything and go gai-gai everyday.

Today when I log in to SR, fulamak, there are three pages of things to bid but I where got so free go bid 3 pages x 6 blogs wor? So, forget it. Money can wait. My loukong cannot. So, I better enjoy first before I kena jaga rumah, jaga anak, jaga kereta, jaga bil, jaga hampalang.

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