Monday, November 12, 2007

It's ok to be gay but......

I have no problems with people wanting to form a same sex relationship. It is their choice and I am not bothered about it. In fact, I like talking to them because they are such sensitive guys and it is very refreshing.

But it is not ok for a bunch of them to hug in a manner that is not the norm in a public place. In fact, to be exact, hugging and slow dancing (manner) just right outside our apartment. It is not just because they are two guys doing that but the fact that there are so many other races who are not used to these scenes.

Well, at least have some respect for the neighbourhood because there are children around and those who have a more conservative background. If you need to display so much passion and lust, just get into your darn bedroom. Even couples who are in heat don't do that in public, you know?

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