Monday, November 12, 2007

Why advertise on blogs?

More and more bloggers are capitalising on the new way to advertise. Blogs are now the new medium of information. They can have very far reach as it is available free and usually, one can get their daily dose of reading without running out of things to discover. Unlike magazines or newspapers, blogs have their own individuality and people love them for this point.

That's why more and more companies now advertise on blogs. They range from cosmetics to restaurants to other services. As bloggers, we also take advantage of this trend and start to write blogs and get paid for it too.

I believe this trend is going to last for years because people love blogs for its unpredictable contents, unedited news and that surprise element. I personally enjoy reading personal blogs rather than short stories on the printed media because these are all written from the heart of the blog owners. Their writings may not be the best or their grammar perfect but what matters are the stories told are coming from the life experiences of these blog owners. That's what make me addicted to blogging and reading blogs.

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