Sunday, December 30, 2007

Bad weather, bad health

Few days before Christmas, I already felt a flu coming but I psyche myself that I cannot afford to fall sick because I have trained for three long months for the choir and cannot afford to fall sick on the day itself, rendering me useless, croaking like a frog.

So, I hang on and keep my mantra of 'I am not sick, I am not sick'. Then, two days ago, our apartment unit has no water supply and I ended up taking cold shower at our apartment's poolside and I went dipping in the pool. The next day, I have fever, chills, bone aches and was totally knocked flat. I have not been so sick for a long, long time already.

When I was half dead in bed, I have a lot of work waiting for me. Oh how I wish I don't need to work and just rely on income from rental property investment. But no, I am but the poor woman who has to work, work, work for her money. No such luck of owning beautiful properties and collecting rentals and do nothing else.

See? I cannot even go for a swim in the pool without getting sick. My body is not used to poolside relaxation, yo.

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