Thursday, December 06, 2007

OMG!! Chris Daughtry celebrity autographs

I am so smitten with Chris and his rocker style. I already have a crush on Chris Daughtry since American Idol time. It broke my heart when he failed to get into the final. In fact, I still wonder how that purple barney with white hair gets to win the American Idol while real star like Chris got booted out so early.

Anyway, if you are fans of celebrities, you will dig this site where you can buy items with celebrity autographs. They have a lot of stars over there. But I wonder why did the price of Luciano Pavarotti's item dropped when it should have been increased? I mean, the poor man is dead. Surely that makes his stuffs much more sought after now?

I saw some of my favourite celebrities autographs and wish I can fork out the British pounds. But no, I won't be able to afford those kick-ass expensive things. Otherwise, I can buy them and store them safely and hope to make a fortune out of re-selling them on ebay. I couldn't even afford
harry potter autograph.

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