Saturday, December 22, 2007

OMG, who else read my blog, you say?

Just now, my son told me that his group leader learnt a new word from me. I went, huh? Learnt from me? Where, when, how? I only met her once. So, son told me she learnt the word mindfucked from my blog.

Well, I learnt that from someone else. Someone who probably mindfarked me many times over. Or is it vice versa? Hmmm...whatever.

And I asked my son, "OMG! Who else is reading my blog, you say?" He told me the whole gang at some organisation. *sweats* It is very hard for me to maintain that two facades. One of these days, I am going to be thrown out of church or I will become a reformed blogger who writes..."Greetings to you my dear brothers and sisters...It is such a lovely day today and we must remember to thank God for the beautiful sun."

Hahaha, I tell you, people will run so far away until my traffic drops to 0. So, rock on, keep on mindfucking because people sometimes need that little mystery in their lives. I shall be the sacrificial lamb, bleeding on their behalf. Muahahar.

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