Saturday, December 22, 2007

What the hell is emoting?

A lot of people has stumbled upon one of my blog because they are searching for emoting. Well, my teacher never teach me this word and I do not know what it means. I guess it is suppose to mean a person being emo.

I freaking hate emo girls and I am glad I have no daughters who can cry over silly reasons or screaming and jumping over nothing. If I have, probably I will give her a tight slap and tell her to shaddap already. Then again, may be not, who knows.

And this is emoting, courtesy of freeonline dictionary:

e·mote (-mt)
intr.v. e·mot·ed, e·mot·ing, e·motes
To express emotion, especially in an excessive or theatrical manner: "The more she emotes, the less he listens, and the less he listens, the more strident and emotive she becomes" Maggie Scarf.

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