Friday, January 25, 2008

Boaster, toaster, roaster

Some women just love to boast. I cannot stand when someone who has disappeared from the scene suddenly buzz and start chatting. It is always mundane stuffs like her work, her kids and then, the BTW, i.e. by the way will pop up.

Then, she will start to brag about which spa she has gone to and why she never hear about me going to spa. After that, she will be talking about the Rolex shop at Gurney. Kanasai, I got money also I don't need to show off like her, ok? After that, she will talk about what-what designer brands lah, pok pek pok pek. Kreak rich mah go enjoy lor. What for need to brag and boast to me wor?

I am so exposed to the rich Datins and Datin Seris when I was working lah. If the loukong went out to kuan lui yan, sure they will load the wives with lots of gifts and money wan. So, save yourself the embarrassments, ok?

Telling people how much you are spending on one shopping trip is just telling us that your husband is out screwing again.

Your life is toasted and roasted. Niamah!

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