Saturday, January 12, 2008

Lost in travel

Whenever my nerves are tangled, I will get nightmare. I dreamt that I went to this place with some guy last night. However, I lost him in the crowd and I was supposed to return home on my own. I only have $50 in my wallet and it is only enough for my meals and bus tickets. But I couldn't find the bus stop.

Then I found a woman who led me to this orange bus which is a double decker. And I couldn't get on the bus because my head was too big! I told you it is a crazy dream, didn't I? The entrance of the bus is like a ventilation fan hole so small and my head couldn't go through.

So, I couldn't come home. Why can't I just have simple dreams like not being able to travel because I don't have travel health insurance? It is certainly more sensible than having a head that is too big to get through a bus's door, no?

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