Thursday, January 31, 2008

The need for celebrity sexy lips and white teeth

Some people were searching for 'women with thin lips'. In case you do not know, Chinese has this branch of fortune telling call face fortune telling. Just from the look of the face, the fortune teller will be able to tell if the woman has good fortune ahead of her. For example, women are better off with plumper face, plumper, sexy lips, nose that is not too high bridge and sharp. Instead, the nose if rounder means more fortune.

Then there are ears which shouldn't be too perky or they tend to be too sensitive. You a radar, they tend to hear more (gossips) and hence, more sensitive. Moles too are very prominent indicators.

Of course, I don't believe in those but I do admit I have that typical, round, plumpy face and a nose that I hate. I guess I shouldn't complain because they augur a good life for me so far.

Now, with the trend of getting celebrity sexy lips, there are products out there to make one with kissable lips. You know why? Thin lips from women are said to be 'sharp' as in they tend to hurt people with their words. So, go plump up your lips like celebrity sexy lips and while doing it, make your teeth white please. Otherwise, the red or pink lips will make your teeth more yellow. Me? I have nice lips as it is, thank you very much.

Remember that you need a set of beautiful smile with beautiful celebrity sexy teeth which are white teeth that sparkles. If you have a nice lips and without celebrity sexy teeth, then, it will highlight the flaws of your teeth. So, check out those celebrity sexy teeth whitener on sale and find something to improve the smile.

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lm7 said...

Celebrity Sexy Lips does not work at all. I felt no 'tingling' when I used the product, nor did I notice any effects. It is very slick, clear gloss. Its basically just like any other clear lip gloss, but does nothing in terms of plumping up the lips. I'm extremely disappointed in this product, and I wouldn't recommend anyone waste their time and money on this product. They also have an F with the BBB due to consumer complaints.

Another sleazy trick about this company: they offer a $50 rebate (the product costs $50) by clicking on the second star in the logo at the top of the website. However, they don't tell you until after you've put in your CC# and purchased the product that the rebate is not instant, but conditional on the subscription to a $29.99/mo 3rd party's site product (some sort of medicine health type of site), which is the company that will be sending you the information on how to receive your mail-in $50 rebate for the lip gloss. The 3rd party company has a limit as well; you need to call in to cancel your subscription with them within 14 days or they will begin to automatically bill your credit card $29.99/mo. And the fact that my CC# was passed on from one company to another is pretty scary. They also don't tell you that they sign you up for automatic billing every 3 months of $99.99 unless you contact them to cancel. They notify you of this in writing when they send you the product. It's just a great big scam, and the amount of time and energy needed to contact all the right people to cancel and refund my money just pissed me off. PLEASE stay away from this product and website. They are just out to get you.