Monday, January 21, 2008

So many PR, so many opps but no can do

PPP finally updated the blog PR on my dashboard. So, I have so many blogs with PR but none of them have PPP code anymore because I die die do not want to be tempted.

The moment the blogs PR are updated, I see 16 opps with payout from USD30 to USD6. Fuyoh, that's a few hundred dollars there but too bad, no can do.

I bet so many of the kaubohs are watching and auditing my blogs. These chau kaubohs just cannot wait to pott jor ngor. So, slowly wait lah.

These crazy advertisers are still asking for PR3 and paying $6 for three links. I see oso tulan. Mimpi kah? Mana mau cari. Kasi gua tulan, I go pott jor that they are buying links juice baru tau. KNN, mau murah, mau besar. Pergi beli kereta Proton BLM lah!

1 comment:

anthraxxxx said...

kakakaka and it's my turn to get a telur gajah.