Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Yerr..you are getting married tonight?

I showed Samm my new blog template and she asked me if I am getting married.

But I love the daisies and the pink roses!

So, I don't care, I am going to use this template until I am tired of it. Who cares lah, maybe I want to re-marry leh? Maybe I fatt hao wanna suggest that this blog belongs to a virgin bride-to-be leh?

Therefore, it is going to be pink flowers, fluffy white daisies and a little heart shape pillow until I got sick of it.

You like my new template boh?


I'm Choonie. said...

yes.. I like this template. I always wanna change my template too but veli lazy.

5xmom.com said...

Nice mah, I change 10-20 at a time. Hehehe.

Handsome Loh said...

Uwekkkk!!!!! Ptui!!! Blek!!! Uweekkkkk!!!!

5xmom.com said...

handsome loh - Ptui you back. So nice wut.