Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Academy Awards nominations seem so foreign to me

Tomorrow, 25th February 2008 is the night of the Academy Awards or what we call Oscars. Long ago, when I was single and without kids, I know every single movies and actors and actresses. I probably watched every one of the movies except those censored and banned by our Government.

But now, I know nothing about the Academy Awards anymore. I asked my children, Hey how come I have not watch a single of the Best Movie? Have they been shown in our cinema yet?

As usual, my children gave me that'Oh mom, don't you know that you are way out of touch with the latest stuffs?'

So, yeah, sad that I have not heard or seen the movie Juno. But I am going to catch the live telecast of Academy Awards anyway. At least that will give me something to write about and I can always check out the net for reviews on those movies.

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