Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Cannot get enough of Michael Johns of American Idol

I am watching the American Idol 7 featuring the 12 males. I just hate it how they squeeze commercials in between every songs. Bah! I like to walk off to do something during commercial breaks and sometimes, I just forgot to come back in time to catch the next constestant. I missed out a few. I missed out the grotesque performance which Simon described.

And that Leif Garret look alike really looks like Leif Garrett! I grew up in the era of Leif Garrett and I think I was about 15-16 years old then. But blek, his performance is so boring.

But the most important performance for me is Michael Johns and David David Archuleta. Since I am such a fan of Michael Johns so I am going to put his Bohemian Rhapsody here for keepsakes.

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