Wednesday, February 20, 2008

USD dropping and I am getting broke

Two months ago, the exchange rate was 3.3. Last month, I reluctantly change it to 3.2. And now, I am so sad that I have to change the USD exchange rate to MYR to 3.1. This means it is getting harder and harder to get the same amount that I normally make online.

At the rate the USD is depreciating, we will soon be able to fly to USA for a cheap holiday already. Long time ago, it was 2.2 only and we used to fly to US a lot for holidays.

This is no fun. I am earning my USD and they are getting more and more worthless. If this goes on, I will need to get a Sports Credit Card Low APR to tide me over.

With the impending recession (or is it happening already), I think the future looks bleak.

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