Thursday, February 14, 2008

Do you know Gillian Chung spoke against pre-marital sex?

I am not a saint and won't claim to be one. I lived in with my boyfriend for two years before I decided to make that legal. I make it legal because we were ready to have a baby. So, yeah, it is not a big deal to me where pre-marital sex is concerned.

However, on the other hand, I don't encourage it unless one has reached an adult age because it involves many things that a young girl may not be able to cope with. Unplanned pregnancy, esteem, rejection and etc. So, girls shouldn't ever have sex because the guy wants it.

Ok, enough of my disclaimer. I need to say the above to cover my ass.

An unlikely coalition of pop idols, communist censors, Hong Kong police and a Catholic bishop are fighting to stifle the biggest celebrity sex scandal in the history of the Chinese internet.

I just picked up this news that in Hongkong, the hoo-haa over Edison Chen and his fleet of girlfriends whom he accidentally exposed. Apparently, even the Catholic Bishop is into this war against the spread of sex photos. Well, if it is true that Gillian took the task of telling people not to involve in pre-marital sex while she is around doing blowjobs, then, she is rather fakey isn't it?

Criticism has been mixed with sympathy for the victims. Bloggers accused pop singer Gillian Chung of hypocrisy because she was making speeches against pre-marital sex at about the same as she was photographed apparently doing the opposite with Chen.

"I admit that I was naive and very silly, but I've grown up now," Chung told a packed press conference yesterday.

So, yeah, I think Gillian Chung does have a lot to explain because in October 2004, she openly sobbed and said that Twins is the role model of young girls. In her own words in Cantonese, "siew phang yeou au cheong". Ptui! Like dude, how many years does she need to remain naive? Farking fake.

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