Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Gennifer Flowers auction tapes with Bill Clinton

I bet many of you haven't heard of Gennifer Flowers because she came from way back. It was in the 90s and there was this sex scandal about Bill Clinton and Gennifer Flowers. Initially, Bill Clinton denied but cunning Gennifer Flowers revealed their conversations.

A few years later, in her memoir Gennifer Flowers revealed that she had sex with Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton admitted under oath and Gennifer Flowers said it was her naive self and was the first oral sex. *sweats*

Anyway, now this smart woman is going to auction off those revealing tapes. I found a Youtube of Gennifer Flowers as an entertainer. Hmmm.... I wonder if she got famous because of the sex or does she really have talents. You judge for yourself. I am merely recollecting the past when the papers were all about Bill Clinton and his sexcapes.

Karma bites.

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