Thursday, February 28, 2008

It's not Jennifer Flowers but Gennifer Flowers!

My busy body friend wanted to know more about Gennifer Flower but she had been googling for Jennifer Flowers and couldn't find the real person. She is in her early 30s and missed the huge gossips surrounding Gennfer Flowers and Bill Clinton. Actually Gennifer Flowers has made quite a name for herself, having written the biography about her affair with Bill Clinton which involved sex and she is also an entertainer.

I have given her the actual name and now, my friend wants to buy the memoir of Gennifer Flowers. That woman is really nosey. Why would I care if they have actual sex or just oral sex? I better spend my time surfing for some home fitness equipment and keep myself healthy to live long enough to write a memoir myself. I think if we live long enough, we will have plenty to fill a memoir.

BTW, I wonder if Jennifer Flowers aka Gennifer Flowers have managed to auction off the tapes of the conversation she had with Bill Clinton?

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