Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Gillian Chung video on the sex photos and her press conference

I am glad that Gillian Chung has emerged strong and calm over the exposures of her photos with Edison Chen. Though she may have done some of the things deemed shocking in the Asian continent, I am happy that she has the courage to face the public and make a statement in the press conference. Her press conference only last a minute long and she said what she wanted to say. The fans cheered her on.

I won't take any sides on this issue and hope Gillian Chung will just move on and not grappled with the issue anymore.

So, now that Gillian Chung has done it, are we going to see the rest of the actress braving the press in the same way? Apparently not....the culprit in this case, who is Edison Chen is reported to attempt suicide by not eating. It was reported in the papers about Edison Chen suicide bid by not taking foods. Puhleez!

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