Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Marilyn Jo Jenkins - Said to be the woman Bill Clinton is ready to divorce for

A while ago, someone emailed me. She is writing for one of the local magazine and is touching on infidelity and cheating husbands. Apparently, she found an old post on my personal blog that women don't forgive cheating husbands.

I quoted the case of Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton. For example, the most famous case is the Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office. However, that has been given much publicity and now, no longer a case anymore.

The latest is Marilyn Jo Jenkins. Well, it is not a new thing as this has happened a decade ago. But now that Hillary Clinton is running for Presidency, people are digging this old story. It was revealed in a book that at one point Bill Clinton was ready to divorce. I suppose Marilyn Jo Jenkins must be someone really beautiful or someone really close to Bill Clinton?

For example, who can fathom why Prince Charles like the old hag than beautiful Princess Diana? Well...I suppose infidelity is caused by a lot of factors and not just purely sex.

I still cannot find a photo of Marilyn Jo Jenkins and cannot say if she is much beautiful than Hillary Clinton. I guess she should.

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