Monday, February 11, 2008

Should Gillian Chung be given a second chance?

There are so many voting and forum threads about Gillian Chung after the Edison Chen sex photos. People are debating and arguing over it. Gillian Chung said it was due to her naivety that cause her in the situation where photos of a naked Gillian Chung was plastered all over the internet.

Frankly, doh.....I have never heard a single song by Gillian Chung. I don't care if she exists or not. I mean, if you like her songs, then, keep listening. It is not like her voice has changed after you have seen her bushy part?

But if you want to give me that 'But oh Gillian Chung is such a clean image and it may be a bad influence to our little girls' I will tell you to go to hell. There are much worst bad examples out there. For example, what about Brittney Spears and how she screwed up her roles as a mother? What about the latest hottest most famous singer, Amy Winehouse who just won so many awards on the 50th Grammy Awards? She is in rehab.

Between having sex and having drugs, what do you think is more evil? So forget it. Get on with you miserable life. Who fark cares if Gillian Chung should be in or out.

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mc jan said...

Second chance or not? In or out or not? Do you stand by Gillian Chung? Please vote no matter you support her or not!