Saturday, March 15, 2008

College hunting

We spent the whole day today visiting all the colleges and exploring the colleges ground. First we went to KDU and get the details for culinary arts which is my son's preferred choice. It turns out that it is not that expensive after all. It costs only $30K for the diploma and the rest of the course that leads to a degree will be in Switzerland. That is 200K but we shall not think that far ahead.

There are not that many colleges around here. I joked with my son to take a course in dentistry because nowadays, people are so into getting a nice set of teeth. Do you know how much it costs to get teeth whitening treatment? A hell lot of money. I told my son that he just needs to service those celebrities and VIPs and he will earn a lot of moolah already.

Anyway, my son has stated that he is not going for some boring course in accountancy, business management or IT because he hates studying. Culinary art requires passion so I told him he better be very sure before he commits. The KDU lecturer even took us into the kitchen and explained to us all the various parts of the kitchen. It is so interesting, I think I also want to enrol. But nay....those kitchen is too hot and being a chef needs a lot of muscles. I will stick to blogging about inane stuffs like celebrities and how celebrity sexy lips make women sexy.

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