Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I wonder if emperors club vip is hiring?

Did you hear that the prostitutes or shall we give them a nicer name like female escorts from the Emperors club vip is charging USD5,500 per hour? I wonder if they are hiring? I don't mind being the janitor there or even the housekeeper. If they pay that much for an hour to a female escort of Eliot Spitzer, I am sure they will pay well for their housekeeping staffs too, right?

I do wonder if they serve fountain of youth elixir to their clients with that amount of money? Of course, the fountain of youth I am talking here is not the mytical ones from Shangrila but is just a food supplement that is suppose to keep people younger by slowing down ageing.

So, who wants to work in the Emperors club vip?

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