Friday, March 14, 2008

Nightmare of finding a children dentist

I just discovered a cavity in my little boy's molar. He is only five and that means I must seriously get him to see a children dentist as soon as possible. However, I hate the idea of visiting the dentist myself. What more see a children dentist because she or he will probably go, 'tsk, tsk, tsk, woman, what have you done? Your boy is only five and he needs a children dentist already?!'

But then, I think these children dentists will gleefully welcome moms like me because without us, they will have no business. Actually, from my parenting experience, some kids tend to get cavities earlier than others eventhough I make sure they have almost the same kind of dental hygiene care.

Now, I got to find a good and friendly children dentist and get my hubby to bring my little boy there. I am so not gonna follow along because when my boy sees my pale and ashen face, he will know that dentists are bad news. Children dentist or monstrous dentist, they are all the same.

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