Friday, March 14, 2008

Kristen Dupre is Eliot Spitzer 'personal friend'

This is yet another sex scandal involving a politician. This time, it is New York Govt. Eliot Spitzer who engaged the services of a USD4,300 an hour 'personal friend' whose name is Kristen Dupre.

Well, some parties condemned this woman Kristen Dupre but I must say she is on expensive girl to maintain. Imagine how much Eliot Spitzer has spent on getting some bj or even more? I wonder what are inclusive in the $4,300 that Kristen Dupre gave to Eliot Spitzer?

I haven't got a photo of the woman but that old Eliot Spitzer is one haggard old man. I am sick to see him with his wife, standing by his side when he gave that confession speech. If I am the wife, I will probably whack him right in the middle of the press conference and yell, "You SOB! I will chop off that dick of yours and auction it on eBay for 43 cents!" Damn, he spent so much money on a ho and she still stand by her man. Typical....women who cannot afford to lose money, power and more money in the future normally stands by their men.

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