Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ugly Sara or Maxim's Unsexiest women

Poor Sara Jessica Parker is said to be angry with Maxim because the magazine has labelled her as Maxim's unsexiest women alive. Sara Jessica Parker got the number one title and it is not flattering at all.

The other woman who made it to this obnoxious list of Maxim Unsexiest women are Sandra Oh of Grey's Anatomy, Amy Winehouse and Madonna.

I think they reason why they labelled Sara Jessica Parker is because of her funny gait when she walked. Do you notice she walks like a cowboy with hernia when she has on those killer heels? As for Amy Winehouse, it is not surprising that she landed on Maxim Unsexiest Women list because of her constant rehab. Drugs sucked out the life of a woman's charm. Well, Madonna looks like a man on steroid and Sandra's jowl is a bit put off. More on Maxim s unsexiest women on my women blog.

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