Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Make new friends online

Several years back, I was actively involved in forums and online community. Somehow, I have lost faith in that now. I am totally burnt out from running my own forum and I do not want to administer any more forum anymore. It gets tiring when you are given the same thing day in day out.

So, there will be no more online forum for me anymore. Now, I prefer to stick to community sites to share musics. It is less complicated than being actively involved in forum. I get to listen to MP3, download video, share photo albums and much more.

If you like to socialise and meet new friends online, you will probably enjoy 3gb. It is a community with a diverse group of people. You can even start a blog and make new friends from there.

As for me, I shall stick to my little world for now. I don't think I ever want to go into the same community everyday anymore. Maybe it is age catching up with me. Maybe it is cynicism that tells me that those are mostly fakes. Whatever it is, I will just get my music, enjoy it and pass by without a hello.

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