Saturday, May 03, 2008

Beginning of May and I kissed money away

I have some deep reflections. Lately, I am so engrossed in making more and more money. Yesterday, there was another Google pagerank shake-up. Most of my blogs get PR increase. But there is one that mysteriously shows a PR zilch. I checked and checked and yet, most datacentres show a PR 4. Even TLA told me it is still a PR 4.

I am not taking chances. I have committed myself to focus more on my faith and stop being so money eye.

And God must humour me. Just when I decided to stop all the money-chasing, I got a $60 offer from LinkWorth. I got another USD60 worth of posts from LL. And I rejected them all. Then, I just kissed USD100 away in TLA because I am not going to play with fire.

So, just the first two days of the month and I have already kissed USD220 away. But I know God is kind and always provide. I will make it from other means.

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