Wednesday, May 07, 2008

So, what are you getting on Mother's Day?

My church is having a donation drive for a new church building. To raise funds, the church is selling flowers for Mother's Day. I was contemplating to volunteer and help the ladies there to prepare the flowers as there are lots of things to do. The committee is calling for volunteers.

However, I dare not come forward because I am hopeless with creative stuffs like these. I may be good with cutting off the thorns, counting the flowers or maybe sweep the floor. But spare me from doing anything that spells artistic or creative.

That's why until now, I dare not say yes. They are getting a lot of bulk flowers and the volunteers need to work on Friday so that they can finish them and sell on Saturday and Sunday.

Let me mull over it more and see if I can add one more adventure to my name. That is the adventure with the flowers.

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