Thursday, May 15, 2008

Who has mood for diet pill, doh!

I am pretty moody lately. Not from anything but the faces I see in the hospital every day. I could of course avoid going but I tagged along once in a while because it is good to face the difficulties people go through everyday.

The hospital is a Government hospital and hence, very crowded and very chaotic. People die like flies because it is the wards for serious illness. I go to both wards, one for the old gentleman and the other a cancer unit.

It is not pleasant at all but I figure, if they and their caregivers have to be there, suffering from their worries and pains, what's a little visit? I do not claim to feel much because they are not my close relatives. But to see those people in pain, the compassion feelings are there. So, who has the time to dig out the list of best diet pills for my friend who is trying to become thin in time for her annual dinner.

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