Sunday, May 18, 2008

She'd rather travel than visit her dying father

I just returned from another hospital visit. The last time I saw him was yeterday evening and that is just 24 hours ago. Yesterday, I already noticed he has a swollen abdoment. Today, being a very hot and humid day, he didn't wear his hospital gown. So, I am shock to see him labouring for breath. I immediately guessed the cancer has spread to the lungs, which is not unexpected.

True enough, I was told he was given a chest x-ray. I am not a medical expert but those patches on the x-ray says it is not good at all. He is a bit yellowish and his feet too looks swollen and yellowish.

So, what does the children do? One is not coming back till the end of May. The other one said she needs to earn more money in New Zealand, picking fruits and packing them. can you imagine that? It is not like she is on tour or working as some travel guides.

It is utterly sad that a daughter places so much emphasis on making money in a foreign land than coming back to be at her father's bedside or taking care of her own two kids. Yeah, her two kids are with babysitters now because her mom has to be at the hospital all day long.

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