Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Duty free shopping

Initially, we wanted to go to some god foresaken tiny island up north for some cheap booze and duty free shopping.  However, one thing leads to another and now, we have to cancel our plans as my son has to take his driving test tomorrow morning and we couldn't get a hotel room on Friday night.

So, there goes my idea of the perfect holiday where we can get lots of cheap booze, plenty of chocolates, cheap Corning wares and plenty of sun and sea.  Then, there is the thrilling cable car ride and acquarium for the kids.

It doesn't look like we can make it next week as it is too near Christmas and we cannot afford to skip the choir practices.  Come to think of it, it is rather scary to be so close to Christmas, you know?

Now, I think the only alternative is to  buy some glasses by surfing this online site with cheap prescription glasses.  I wonder how they get their cheap glasses as they cost only $15 per pair.  It is certainly cheaper than duty free shopping, isn't it?  

They even have free worldwide shopping when we buy more than one pair.   I surely can do with several pairs because I need one for reading, one for regular wear, one for sunglasses.  Now, though they are cheap, they certainly don't look like those fake glasses worn by the dolls, you know?  It is not those nerdy Harry Potter type of glasses, ok?

What I find cute is the virtual try on.  Now, I don't need nosey sales promoters to give me the "I don't think you look good in this pair, I think you are way too old to wear this pair" and those looks, you know?

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