Saturday, December 20, 2008

Questions they asked in women's magazines

Whenever I go for my hair cut and hair dye session, I will have the opportunity to read plenty of women magazines. So, I really look forward to those session where I get to sit down and read three months of women magazines.

I like to take a peek at those aunt agony questions column and especially the sex doctor part. The other day, a woman asked if she can take her partner's viagra. Of course, the doctor columnist told her not to mess with it unless approved by her own doctor.

Another one asked if it is safe to take weight loss pill to lose weight really fast because she is meeting her online lover for the first time. She said she had lied in her photos and must get really slim for the meet up. She wants to know if Ephadrasil hardcore is really hardcore as they claim. is nice to be a bit nosey, isn't it?

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