Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Another death, another tear

This morning, one of the nurses told me that someone we know had passed away at home on Christmas. It is kind of sad but then, we have expected it to happen. I will have to call the wife and see how she is doing. However, I couldn't bring myself to do it today because I need to gather my thoughts properly before I make that call.

Sometimes, I wish had follow the vocation to be a nurse. I know I would make a good nurse because the medical side of things do not scare me nor the emotional challenges frighten me. I had seen so many deaths these past month, many of them young and have young family.

Now, they even have online MS nursing where one can pursue further studies as a Clinical Nurse Leader Master Degree. If I am serious about it, I have to start from the diploma, then bachelor degree and a few years working.

So, I guess I shall be the pastoral care, giving the moral support instead of a career in nursing.

I hope I can find the courage to give the wife a call tomorrow and see how she is coping. I knew the husband for several months so I know how he wants her to be strong and carry on with the care of their two young children. God, this is too hard.

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