Thursday, April 23, 2009

I can't stop sneezing!

I am not sure if other women get this but everytime I have my period, I am sure to fall sick. Sometimes, it is just a plain sneeze and runny nose for a few days. Sometimes, it is a full blown bad cough, fever and body ache. It is like when my period comes, the whole immunity thing is gone from me and I catch bugs easily.

Right now, I am sneezing my head off. I can't control the sneezing and it is making me drowsy with all that sneezes. I should be taking some anti-histamine to stop it but I dislike the dry throat feeling after taking anti-histamine. So, I shall continue to sneeze till my nose comes off my face.

Anyway, I am lucky that all these are just mild complaints and there are nothing big to worry about. So, I shouldn't complain over these because there are bigger illness people get. Those that call for long term treatment in hospital and those that need health plans like bcbsnc to foot the bill.

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Kanmani Gobal said...

hey there!
if ur saying u sneeze during menstruation, ur not alone..
count me in..!
well i dont "sneeze"..
but when i get my period, i tend to get fever, body ache, the regular intolerance towards stupid jokes* and i sometimes turn pale and faint.. i oversleep too.. well i guess its normal stuff for all of these to take place.. but there are also women who just dont feel a thing! i guess their immune systems are just stronger than ours in many ways.. just avoid cold stuff and perform lots of workouts during ur menstruation phase..
take care..!